The deadlines for Districts to identify their leaders and to approve their Startup Plans are approaching fast!

Districts must notify Decentraland who their District Leaders are by June 7th. Districts must also submit their approved District Startup Plan to Decentraland by June 22nd.

The entire team at Decentraland would like to give a big round of applause to The Arena and Conference Center Districts, who have already successfully identified their District Leaders, submitted their Startup Plans, and approved their Startup Plans in the subsequent vote!

The Conference Center and Arena conducted their polls via a Google Form, requiring each voting contributor to include a cryptographic signature to verify their identity — each signature was verified via Etherscan. We were extremely happy to see how smoothly and efficiently the Conference Center conducted these polls.

In summary, the Conference Center’s polls resulted in:

  • 530 votes submitted out of the 799 total parcels contributed (66% voter turnout)
  • 100% of the votes cast were in approval of the Conference Center’s Startup Plan
  • Every vote included a valid cryptographic signature

The Conference Center and the Arena are wonderful examples of Districts successfully executing these critical first steps in establishing their governance. Once District governance is in place, Districts will be able to move forward with the exciting task of making their proposals a reality!

Select Your District Leadership

The success of each District will require clear leadership that has been selected by all participating District contributors. Once you have selected your District Leaders, please reach out to Ember, Decentraland’s point of contact for District governance. Ember can be reached on Discord as @Ember#7774. Ember will update Decentraland’s records to reflect each District’s Leadership.

Approving Your District Startup Plan

Your District Startup Plan should outline the high level framework of your District. Each plan should include a detailed description of how your District will be governed, how decisions will be made and executed, and who will be listed on your District’s wallet — the individuals who will hold the District’s wallet containing each LAND address. A majority vote from this group will be required before anything can be changed regarding your District’s LAND.

District plans should also outline the MVP (minimum viable product) of each district, describing how the first version of your District will look and how it will work. This MVP should take into consideration the current limitations of the Decentraland SDK. We also recommend that your District Startup Plans include a brief discussion of how you intend to handle and process your District’s finances and profits.

After District Startup Plans have been reviewed, all District contributors must be able to vote on the approval of the plan.

Remember that these results are only final after either:

  1. 51% of the contributors have voted OR
  2. The poll has been open for two weeks

A 2/3 majority vote is required to approve a District Startup Plan.

Next Steps

If you are a District Leader, or have contributed LAND to a District, you can reach out to Ember (Discord username: @Ember#7774) with any questions. Ember is Decentraland’s official point of contact for District governance, and is available to help with any questions regarding selecting district leaders or writing your District Startup Plan.

We look forward to receiving the election results from the remaining Districts.