We have several updates for you this week! First, we’d like to introduce a new LAND permissions control feature in the Marketplace, we have a quick status update for our SDK, and finally, we’d like to share a little information about the recent ETH Buenos Aires hackathon and Montreal’s iX Symposium.

Updates in the Marketplace

We understand that not everyone who owns LAND has the development skills to build and deploy games or applications for their parcels. Maybe you do have these skills, but not the time, and want to hire a third party development team to build your project for you. Perhaps you just want to collaborate on the same project with friends.

Whatever the case may be, our dApps team has recently released version 0.8.0 of the Marketplace, which includes a feature allowing you to give other users permission to upload and modify the content of your LAND. This is the first step toward implementing the ability for LAND owners to “lease” their LAND to other users, another frequently requested feature.

To allow other users to modify the content of your LAND, simply open up market.decentraland.org, log into your account, and click My Land.

Select the parcel that you would like to share access to, and click Permissions. Next, enter the public operator address of the user you would like to be able to upload or modify content, and click Submit.

Please carefully check the address you submit. While this user will not have control over the ownership of your LAND, they will be able to add, remove, and modify the content hosted on that parcel.

Updates in the SDK

Our World team is currently in the process of migrating the Decentraland world engine from the Three.js JavaScript 3D library to Babylon.js. Babylon.js will provide faster and more efficient rendering for your games and experiences, in addition to a much improved experience when using the SDK.

As soon as we have completed the migration to Babylon.js, we will deploy v1.1.0 of the SDK. Stay tuned for more!

Decentraland at ETH Buenos Aires

We were very excited to help sponsor the ETH Buenos Aires conference and hackathon, which was held from May 25th through May 27th.

ETH Buenos Aires is part of the ETH Global Network, which provides a wonderful opportunity for the blockchain community to come together to network, discuss the future of blockchain tech, learn about other projects, and (of course) hack! Some awesome projects were built over the weekend, demonstrating the strength, innovation, and creativity of the Ethereum community both here in Buenos Aires, and across the world.

If you weren’t able to attend, you can watch recordings of the talks and presentations here.

Decentraland at Montreal’s iX Symposium

Trevor Waldorf recently attended the iX Symposium in Montreal from May 29 through June 2 where he held a workshop introducing the Decentraland SDK and sat on a panel focused on the challenges of digital identity.

The iX Symposium was formed by Montreal’s Society for Arts and Technology with the goal of bringing together designers, artists, and engineers to discuss immersive experiences and the future of VR. We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by to learn more about Decentraland and our SDK!