We are proud to announce that the Decentraland Marketplace is now featured on imToken version 2.0, allowing 4.5 million new users worldwide to browse, purchase, and sell LAND and MANA. imToken provides a cryptoasset wallet and dApp explorer, making it easy to discover, trade, and manage a wide variety of digital assets all from a single, secure platform.

Introducing imToken

imToken allows you to manage multiple wallets using a single private key, opening up a wide range of digital assets. Furthermore, by providing a unified and secure digital identity, imToken makes it incredibly easy to discover and navigate different dApps.

In addition, imToken has also built a dApp browser so that you can engage with other existing marketplaces and exchanges — like the Decentraland Marketplace! Their developer friendly SDK makes it possible for developers to write new dApps native to the imToken platform or to port existing dApps over to imToken.

To get started with imToken, simply download and install version 2.0 of their mobile wallet and dApp browser (available for both iOS and Android).

imToken + Decentraland

Once you’ve installed the imToken browser, either import your existing wallet or create a new one. Finally, navigate to the dApps section and select the Decentraland Marketplace to start browsing LAND.

If you already own MANA or LAND, make sure that you import the correct wallet if you would like to manage those assets using imToken.

If you would like to purchase MANA via imToken, visit the Tokenlon instant exchange.

We are extremely excited to have MANA and LAND made available on imToken. At Decentraland we are building an open and decentralized virtual world, the success of which depends on the strength of our community. By providing more widespread availability of LAND and MANA through platforms like imToken, we are better able to grow our community of both developers and users.

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