Barunson co. Ltd. has announced that the company has signed an agreement with Decentraland to create and distribute interactive content for the Decentraland platform. This collaboration is the first step in realizing the new Genesis Content Program which is an initiative from Decentraland to fund and facilitate the development of blockchain based gaming. Blockchain gaming is an entirely new and unexplored genre, and Decentraland and Barunson are proud to lead the way toward bringing these experiences to the mainstream.

Decentraland is an Ethereum-based virtual world akin to ‘Ready Player One’s “Oasis”, except Decentraland is owned by its users, instead of a single corporate entity. In Decentraland, users can create and monetize interactive games, social experiences, and applications that sit on parcels of virtual LAND. These parcels exist on the blockchain in the form of non-fungible tokens. Each token contains a description of its 3D content and the x,y coordinates marking the parcel’s position on the map.

All LAND is permanently owned by the community, giving everyone full control over their creations.

Kang Shin Bum, CEO of Barunson co. Ltd., is enthusiastic about the platform, stating

“The public is becoming much more familiar with VR technology. However, VR has so far provided only short and simple experiences and has failed to provide any sustainable value to end users. By partnering with Decentraland, we will be able to provide a perfect ‘Virtual + Reality’ experience, building the foundation for sustainable value for our end users.”

Andrew Kim, formerly the Head of Oculus, Facebook’s VR division, in Korea, has recently joined Decentraland as the new Head of Business Development, and shares Kang Shin Bum’s excitement for this collaboration:

“Korea is a strategic market and fertile ground for blockchain gaming. On the one hand, it’s one of the top three largest markets for the gaming industry, alongside China and the US. On the other, Korea has the highest rate of cryptocurrency adoption worldwide. I have joined Decentraland because I believe that gaming is an important step forward in bringing cryptocurrencies to the mainstream. Decentraland is an exciting channel for game developers by serving as a sustainable, value-oriented platform. We will soon be announcing several exciting initiatives to engage the local developer community into our ecosystem.”

Blockchain: How is blockchain technology changing online gaming?

Transacting LAND and constructing buildings in a virtual reality.

(Source: Decentraland)(Source: Decentraland)

Decentraland has created a new and unique space for online gaming and social networking:

  • While the content and games hosted in Decentraland may resemble traditional online experiences, developers are able to leverage the verifiable scarcity and true ownership made possible by Ethereum. This has added an entirely new element to the way online games are designed and played by giving users total control of their digital assets.
  • The need for centralized servers has been eliminated by hosting all of the content required to render a scene on IPFS — content in Decentraland is served and rendered in a completely decentralized fashion.
  • All transactions in Decentraland are facilitated by Ethereum smart contracts, giving the original content creator complete control over the revenue generated from their in-world content and experiences.

Decentraland is expanding the amount and variety of content offered on the platform by onboarding third-party game studios and content creators, with Barunson being the first partner based in South Korea.

(Source: Decentraland)(Source: Decentraland)

VR: Why introduce blockchain technology to an established VR studio?

Even when compared to the industry three years ago, VR is still cutting edge technology.

Barunson co. Ltd. has a longstanding commitment to the development of VR. In 2016, they opened South Korea’s very first VR-themed park with one hundred stores across the country. In 2017, they launched the first VR theater at the Busan International Film Festival along with the premiere of the world’s very first 4DX VR film, “Stay with me.”

Now, Barunson is turning its attention toward blockchain technology, with Decentraland providing the means of advancing VR development and adoption.

Barunson is excited to join Decentraland in making VR and blockchain gaming an open and accessible industry. All too often, emerging markets are quickly monopolized and controlled by a select group of companies. Both Barunson and Decentraland are driven by a philosophy centered on sustainability, scalability, and accessibility. By partnering with Decentraland, Barunson hopes to provide both developers and end users with the opportunity to create and monetize their own virtual, immersive content.

(Source: Barunson co. Ltd., VR PARK & VR Cinema in BIFF)(Source: Barunson co. Ltd., VR PARK & VR Cinema in BIFF)

Connecting the Dots: Why is this collaboration significant?

Decentraland is a platform for a virtual world. Barunson co. Ltd. can help to to create the immersive, vibrant, and engaging content that will bring this metaverse to life.

If you are interested in VR, you might already be familiar with James’s Legacy: the VR-oriented adventure game developed by Barunson for the first Samsung Gear VR in 2014. James’s Legacy was very well received, presenting a novel game design and aesthetic. James’s Legacy gave users simple but varied experiences, all hosted in a virtual environment comprising different miniature planets.

Barunson is excited to announce that James’s Legacy will be redesigned for the Decentraland platform under the title Satoshi’s Quest!

This new rendition will be heavily focused on exploration and adventure. Barunson co. Ltd. plans to expand their offering of maps, quests, stories, and characters, as well as more social elements through the release of continuous updates. The original and distinct planets from will be reproduced in Decentraland, with new gameplay elements like puzzles and quests.

(Source: Barunson co. Ltd., James’s Legacy)(Source: Barunson co. Ltd., James’s Legacy)

Integrating the two companies’ strengths, Decentraland’s blockchain platform and Barunson’s content, marks an important step forward for the VR industry and is expected to set an exciting new direction for blockchain gaming.