Today, we released an update to the Decentraland Marketplace that introduces two exciting changes to the LAND bidding feature.

All bids in the Marketplace are now publicly viewable on the details page for every parcel and estate, and LAND owners can now archive any bids they receive that they don’t want to accept.

Why did we make bids public?

It’s no secret that bidding on anything is a little competitive. Since Ebay hit the internet in the 90s, people have been hovering over their keyboards waiting to snipe a bid.

If you’re strategically minded, it’s hard to know just how much you should offer for a parcel if you don’t know what others have already bid, so we decided to make all bids in the Marketplace publicly listed.

Simply pull up the details page for the parcel or estate your interested in, and scroll down to Bids to see a list of the other offers people have made.

How do you archive your bids?

The Marketplace allows anyone to bid on any LAND, whether it’s listed for sale or not. While this opens up Decentraland for people looking to buy LAND, we know that not all owners want to accept every bid. They might want to hold off on that tempting offer.

So, we’ve added the ability to archive bids that are placed on your parcels and estates.

Archiving bids is easy. Just log into and log into your account using your wallet or hardware wallet. Make sure to use the correct wallet that is associated with your LAND.

Then navigate to the details page for your parcel or estate.

Under the list of bids, you can click Accept or Archive. Just click Archive to save a bid for later. Your archived bids are still viewable to other users from your parcel details page, but they will be hidden from your Bids tab.

It’s also important to remember that all bids still expire after their time limit is up, whether or not they are archived. Archiving a bid does not “pause” a bid’s expiration.

You can also click the Bids tab to see a list of every bid you have placed or received to archive a bid.

Once you have archived a bid, click SEE ARCHIVES under the Bids tab to see a list of your archived bids.

You can unarchive a bid from this list, which puts it back on your list of Bids received, or you can go ahead and accept the bid from this list.