We’re halfway through the Creator Contest, and the submissions have been pouring in!

Members of the community have been using the bundled items and textures in ways that we never imagined when designing the Builder, and many people have been quick to share their work in Decentraland’s Discord. We definitely recommend stopping by the #creator-contest channel to share ideas with the community, show off your work, and look for inspiration!

We wanted to highlight a few of the notable scenes that were shared on Discord today!

This quaint neighborhood demonstrates some of the interesting ways you can use items in ways they maybe weren’t intended to be used.

Where do you think this builder found the roof for that cottage? How about those windows? We don’t remember adding any windows…

It’s fun to think outside the box. What other ways can you think of repurposing the items in your drawer?

Here’s another great example of a builder using items in some unique ways. Notice how even with the relatively low number of models, the scene still has a feeling of depth and reality, thanks to the raised swimming pool. Remember that adding some height dimensionality can do a lot to really make your scenes pop.

Over here, we have an inviting boulevard-side city park. Composition plays a huge role in the way your scenes look to viewers in-world. The “rule of thirds” is a nice trick to adding some visual variety, while still allowing to focus the player’s attention without making your scene look unnatural.

Mind the gap! What do you think happened here?

Don’t forget, the best scenes always tell a story. (At Decentraland, we like to call these scenes “place stories”.)

All of the scenes we featured today were shared in our public Discord channel!

We’ll continue to share some of our favorite scenes that are shared publicly by the community. Built something that you think stands out? Share a screenshot of your scene with the hashtag #decentraland, and it might end up on the blog.

Remember to submit your creations to the contest!

Every quality scene is rewarded with 100 MANA (that’s about $5 USD), and you might just qualify for one of the grand prizes.