We were really excited to introduce Decentraland Avatars in April, and now we’re getting closer and closer to the full unveiling later this quarter. Soon, you’ll be able to create your first avatar and secure your passport to Decentraland!

We’ve seen a lot of excitement and questions about Avatars since that first announcement, so we decided to compile a list of the most common questions to help explain the basics of Avatars and Passports.

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Decentraland Avatars FAQ

Are avatars free?

Yes, you will be able to create as many avatars as you want for free! The Avatar Creator will make it super easy to customize your unique look using hundreds of free outfits (called “wearables”) and accessories.

Will wearables cost money or MANA?

The Avatar Creator will provide a big selection of wearables and accessories, all for free! In the future, Decentraland will support NFT based wearables that you can buy, sell, or trade with other players.

After I create my avatar, how will I use it to explore the world?

Creating an avatar and getting your first passport puts you on the list of lucky people with early access to Decentraland! After creating your avatar, stay tuned for special updates from the Decentraland team with details on when, and how, you can access the Decentraland client.

What’s the difference between Avatars and Passports?

Avatars are the 3D characters that represent you in the virtual world. Decentraland Passports are very similar to real passports: they are used to verify your identity when logging in to the different tools and features of Decentraland, like the Builder or the Marketplace.

Can I change my avatar’s appearance after I have created a Passport?

Absolutely! We hope that you will play with your avatar by experimenting with all of customizations and combinations in the Avatar Creator.

What if I lose my wallet? What happens to my avatar and passport?

Decentraland Passports come with a confirmation code to connect to your crypto wallet. This means that you can always connect your passport to a new wallet to preserve your identity in Decentraland. However, if you lose access to a wallet, you’ll lose any of the wearables or items you had stored in that wallet. Always keep your wallet recovery pass phrases in a safe and secure location!

What happened to the VR style robot and fox avatars shown in the past?

The robot and animal avatars that we demoed last year were just early experiments in what Decentraland avatars could look like. After some research, we decided that full bodied avatars would offer more variety and control over your appearance.

Will people have the ability to upload custom 3D models for their avatars?

No, due to the limitations of wearable item construction we will not be able to support custom 3D avatar models at this time. We understand that this is an important feature to members of our community, so we’ll be looking into ways for users to further customize their avatars in the future.

I’m a scene builder or developer. What do I need to do to support Decentraland Avatars in my scenes?

All scenes in Decentraland will automatically support avatars, since they’re a core part of the Decentraland platform. As a scene builder or developer, you don’t have to do anything special to make sure that avatars can roam and explore your creations.

Don’t forget, the first people with Avatars get early access to Decentraland. So if you haven’t already, sign up for Avatars today!