It was a very special first Game Jam for 2021. A collaboration with the pioneering video game company saw the community flex its creative muscle to produce Atari-themed games – with a uniquely Decentraland twist – for the official Retro Arcade.

Submissions were awarded points for the overall idea, design, interactivity and ‘wow factor’. As usual, the Decentraland creative community delivered, so without further ado, here are the top five prizewinners:

1st place: Eibriel

MANA /ATRI (~ $5000 USD value) + LAND

2nd place: Pablo.dcl.eth

MANA /ATRI (~ $3000 USD value) + LAND

3rd place: ina.dcl.eth

MANA /ATRI (~ $2500 USD value) + LAND

4th place: brentgreyling

MANA /ATRI (~ $1500 USD value)

5th place: BobbyH

MANA /ATRI (~ $1000 USD value)

Prizes for all winners in the Top 10 will be sent out shortly. In the meantime, congratulations to all who got involved. For everyone else, make sure you visit the Retro Arcade and enjoy the ‘80s vibes – and yes, there is an E.T. game in the arcade. Have you found it yet?