In the two weeks since the last DAO Committee report, three points of interest (POI) have been added to the Decentraland map, five grant proposals were approved, two names were banned, and two community polls have passed.

Notably, the DAO has voted to support a Tier 6 - $240,000 USD - Grant for WeMeta to build a custom analytics dashboard for Decentraland scenes. The tool will work through an in-world smart item and aims to help developers understand what drives player engagement. Additional grants include funding for creation of tutorial content for the Portuguese speaking community and amongst others, a grant to revitalize the Genesis City birds-eye view map of Decentraland.

On March 10, the DAO will be hosting its monthly town hall in the DAO’s dedicated discord server. Since the last town hall in February, the Decentraland wearables community interest group has been working to build initial consensus for a solution to the long-discussed issue of Layer 1 wearable VP. A Draft Proposal addressing this issue will be presented to the community during this session.

Points of Interest

3 points of interest have been added to Decentraland’s map since the last report.

14, 53: SciArt Lab

  • Yes 99% 530,672 VP (21 votes)
  • No 0% 3,371 VP (2 votes)

13, -103: Headquarters

  • Yes 99% 792,293 VP (10 votes)
  • No 0% 163 VP (1 votes)

-28, -63: Metakey

  • Yes 99% 777,410 VP (21 votes)
  • No 0% 163 VP (1 votes)

Name Bans

Two names have been banned since the previous report. To see the recently banned names, visit and filter proposals by “Name Ban”.

Grant requests

Since February 16, five grants have been approved and the vesting contract(s) will be established within 7-10 days.

Decentraland tutorial videos for Portuguese speaking community (Tier 2)

  • Yes 99% 1,018,679 VP (32 votes)
  • No 0% 50 VP (1 votes)

To keep the content supply fresh in Filmrare-Cinematheque by acquisition (Tier 2)

  • Yes 100% 1,136,506 VP (28 votes)
  • No 0% 0 VP (0 votes)

Genesis city top-down map website and mapping script (Tier 3)

  • Yes 99% 1,310,258 VP (26 votes)
  • No 0% 281 VP (2 votes)

WeMeta Builder Tag (Tier 6)

  • Yes 95% 14,192,119 VP (26 votes)
  • No 4% 679,708 VP (23 votes)

Community Module: Parkour Creation Kit (Tier 2)

  • Yes 99% 1,236,255 VP (19 votes)
  • No 0% 9,705 VP (5 votes)


Add Decentraland 3rd party NFT to new Marketplace Category

  • Yes 77% 619,606 VP (25 votes)
  • No 22% 183,393 VP (1 votes)
  • Null 0% 431 VP (1 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 0% 0 VP (0 votes)

A Pre-Proposal poll to add a new category of NFTs that are exclusively for Decentraland has garnered sufficient support to be promoted to a draft proposal. The DAO Committee points that this proposal may be connected with the Third-Party Wearables proposal that will be implemented soon.

Open NFT Emote Loading/Minting in Decentraland to the Public, similar to wearable minting

  • Yes - I would like for the Decentraland Development Team to prioritize building a UI/UX for creators to load in their own movements. 99% 982,876 VP (40 votes)
  • No - Continue to limit any emote creation/publishing to Decentraland’s own developers 0% 5,031 VP (2 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 0% 207 VP (2 votes)

This feature was included in the Decentraland Foundation’s 2022 Manifesto and is already in the roadmap for the team. The community’s support for prioritization of this feature will be communicated to the Decentraland Foundation’s World Team.

Active Proposals

Points of Interest


For questions or comments please contact the DAO Facilitator, Matimio (Discord: Matimio#4673; Email: [email protected])