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I'm Blair Staky

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How to Live your Best Life in 2021

I'm a web designer, blogger, mom, wife and serial entrepreneur. I 'm sharing my best tips and advice or building a life and business you love.

I'm Blair Staky

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How to Live your Best Life in 2021
How you treat yourself is how you teach others to treat you. So, treat yourself well!

How to Live your Best Life in 2021

I am SO excited to share that the Self-Improvement Bundle is BACK! If you missed out the first time, you can grab it now, but hurry because this is it. They’ve made it very clear that they will not be offering this again, or even anything else like it.

This new self-improvement course bundle because it includes so many courses in areas I’ve already been working on and areas I want to focus on this year.

First off, what the heck is a course bundle?! It’s a bundle of amazing courses on a specific topic. This course bundle includes tons of amazing courses on the topics of self-improvement—everything from manifesting to mindset to mindful eating, career and relationships!

Here are some other highlights:
  • 111 self-improvement courses (take them at your own pace)
  • $20,347.98 worth of amazing courses for $75.90
  • 99.63% discount—that’s nearly free guys!

One concern I’ve heard from you guys in the past is the question of WHEN will you take all these courses? The answer is—you don’t have to! I bought the bundle already and of course I do not plan on taking every single one of these courses—I simply don’t have the time—but there are at least 5 that I am VERY excited about taking and if I had bought those individually it would have cost me well over $1000.

Also, if you already bought the bundle last time, you’ll get access to all the new courses that have been added with no extra charge—so happy they offered that!

Think of this as the most insane deal EVER to improve your mindset, your mothering, stress levels and get the tools you need to ACTUALLY achieve your goals this year, because that’s exactly what it is.

Don’t let the idea of knowing you don’t have time to go through them all to stop you from buying it. If there is even ONE course you’re excited about taking, it’s worth it because most courses included are well over the cost of the bundle—$75.90.

Get the Bundle Now >

Something else that makes this bundle EXTRA unique is that there is a private Facebook group included. This is something that they’ve never offered before, but something I am so excited about. After a year of feeling isolated and disconnected, I love that they’ve created a space for people with similar goals to gather and discuss!!!

Manifesting & Reaching Goals

The whole idea of manifesting was new to me until about a year ago. And WOW guys, the power of manifesting what you want in your life is WILD. There are so many moments that I hit this year and I stopped, thanked the Universe and thought, holy cow, “I MANIFESTED THIS!”.

Everything from finding the house of our dreams, getting invited to feature my art on a bigger platform (more on this in the future), to getting an extra project that helped pay for some unforeseen expenses—just in time. These are just a few, but living this way changes everything.

I wake up feeling excited about where I’ll be guided today and what miracles I might encounter. I want this for everyone and these courses are the perfect spot to get started.

If you were to buy just two of these programs on their own, it would cost you over $400. Well worth it right there!

Being a Better Mom

First off, you are all amazing mothers! This year has been a challenging one and I’m sure taught us all a lot of patience, understanding and surrendering to the things outside our control.

There are two courses related to motherhood in this bundle (normally these would cost you $422)—one on busting anxiety during motherhood and the second is about how to change your mindset and own your days, rather than your days owning you. As a working mom, I am SO excited about this one!!!

Money Mindset & Personal Finance

Maybe this makes me nerdy, but I totally geek out about money and finances. I find investing, saving, budgeting and earning FASCINATING. But, I also know that money can be a major source of stress and anxiety for people.

But, it simply does not have to be that way. The two courses in here that I am most excited about are “Millionaire Mindset” and “Unapologetically Rich, Confident & Unlimited”. I mean, how can those not make you feel amazing?

If you have debt to deal with or just stress a lot about money, there are courses in there that directly address those issues.

Mindfulness & Meditation

One goal of mine this year is to get back into meditation because meditating always makes me more mindful. Mindful of what I eat, how I treat myself, how I treat others, mindful of my thought patterns (that can easily spiral into negativity), and mindful of the energy I’m sharing with others.

This is most definitely the short list of courses included, you can see them all here. I just wanted to highlight a few that I’m super excited about because I thought you might be too.

There are SO many more courses in here on eating more mindfully, self-care, productivity, career, relationships and more. There might be some that freaking light you up! So, hop over and take a peek to see them all!

Remember, this bundle is only available for 9 days and will NEVER be offered again. It’s a new year, a fresh start and the perfect opportunity to make changes throughout this entire year that benefit you, your family and everyone around you!

Hope you guys join, and if so, I’ll see you in the Facebook Group and I can’t wait to take some of these courses alongside you!